Lord of the Rings Apathy

When I mention that I’ve never read nor seen the Lord of the Rings,  it always comes as a shock to people.  When I ask why it should come as a shock, they say that I seem like the kind of person who would like it (in other words, as a geeky or nerdy person,  I should have read it and liked it).

I’ve never had a strong desire to read the Lord of the Rings.  I couldn’t tell you why, and all I know is that every single time I see it on the shelf in my room, I briefly look at it, think “Oh, it’s the Lord of the Rings, I should probably read that at some point,”  and then move onto something else that I actually am interested in reading.

The same thing happens when I see the Two Towers and the Return of the King on the shelves where my family has it’s DVDsThe interest, because it’s so small, is easily snuffed, thus I’ve never gotten around to watching it because there are many other movies that have a higher priority.

Perhaps it’s because I’ve been more interested in science fiction rather than fantasy. It could also be due to the fact that I read The Hobbit when I was waiting at the DPS for the chance to register for my driver’s license and got so bored that I couldn’t go on, putting me off reading any of the others.

I just can’t be bothered with it, so I probably won’t for right now.  Maybe some day I’ll read it, but It probably won’t be for a while.  The only that could change my mind is a very compelling reason to read, but I’ve never been given one.  Until such reason is given, it will probably remain unread.


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