I’m back!

So, after a long hiatus, I’ve decided revive my blog from the dead. I can’t promise a consistent posting schedule, but here’s a rough outline of what I intend to do.

Classic style
I read a book called Clear and Simple as the Truth, which is a book about classic style. I was intrigued, so I’ll be posting the results of my exercises that are in the back.

Comic History
I’ve spent more time than humanly sane in order to figure out why comics declined in the United States. To that end, I’ll be posting data and quotes from books, articles that I think are relevant and follow it up with some discussion.

Reviews of books, movies, etc
Self explanatory.

And I’ll be posting some other stuff.

Thanks for reading!


9 thoughts on “I’m back!

  1. I saw your post on Treehouse about a book club. Great idea. I read a lot. If Treehouse won’t do it, I think you should on this site. Count me in. I noticed you got two other ‘likes’ so there seems to be some interest.


  2. I wouldn’t mind either, but the reason I wanted CT to do was that not only Sundance appears to have much better time management skills then I do, and I have a whole backlog of books I need to read that aren’t necessarily relevant to stuff we talk about at CT.

    Edit- by the way, thanks for commenting. You’re the first commenter on my very tiny blog.


  3. Beautiful picture by the way. The fact that the book club might involve more than just political books could make it even more interesting. I suspect that if you got it going, it might sort of run itself. Thanks for thinking about it.


  4. Mindcraft, since Sundance seems to very busy saving the US, I think it’s a good idea that we start it. How about Free Trade Doesn’t Work: What Should Replace It and Why, by Ian Fletcher?


    • I haven’t read that one yet. I will check it out.

      You might want to go back on Treehouse and contact the “like” clicks you got and/or post again that you have started this.

      What are the rules? Non-fiction only? Non-fiction and fiction? Political only? Mix of subjects? Monthly reading list from which people could pick/discuss? Reviews to go along with the reading list? I admit I have a tremendous interest in scientists that are willing to push the ‘known’ and tackle the mysteries. I would love to contribute a monthly suggestion to a list from that area.

      How can I help?


      • Oh gosh, I haven’t really decided what the rules are. I still have to think about that.
        You can help by getting other people involved, as well as throwing out book ideas and guidelines for the bookclub.


  5. Your house, your rules. My friends are not big readers so I doubt I will be much help at bringing people in. I think a post on Treehouse would work. When I went back to your post, you had more “likes”. So there is interest. Once you set where you would like to see this go, you could post on CTH again.

    A couple of ideas. Throw out any that won’t work for you. I won’t get my feelings hurt. I would set the categories and try to post a book for each every month or two depending on how quick it moves. The list on your heading is an excellent start – politics, economics, religion, history. If you want to include the more fringe science/the unknown, I promise to fill that one up with some great reads by scientists willing to tackle those subjects. It might not hurt to add a fiction book each month. You mentioned Lord of the Rings, I haven’t read it either, but it seems that you are not against occasional fiction books? I also noted that you mentioned movie reviews and we could add discovered music CDs.

    There are two of us and you already introduced me to a book I never knew existed. I will wait for you to tell me what you have in mind.


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