Atheism will be destroyed by science.

I know that, as a viable belief system, atheism will be destroyed by science. This is a bold claim, and I believe it to be true.


It’s simple. If you’re an atheist, you’re only viable philosophical system for understanding the world is materialism, which is

a theory that physical matter is the only or fundamental reality and that all being and processes and phenomena can be explained as manifestations or results of matter

According to atheism, there should be no existence of any kind of supernatural entities.

However, there’s a massive hole in this philosophical system though that will pop up. You see, despite what some people seem to think, there’s no real reason  to assume that humans  can’t actually detect supernatural entities through some kind of machinery .

I suspect that in the future we will detect supernatural entities through some kind of machine that can detect the supernatural (think PKE meters in Ghostbusters) . As the scientific evidence starts grow larger and larger for the supernatural, atheism as a viable philosophy will simply be destroyed.

In some ways, this is already starting to happen. Confirmed out of body experiences are starting to punch holes in materialism, and more evidence of this type will continue to crop up as time goes on.

I won’t say with any certainty how long this will take, but it will happen. I guarantee it.




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